February 8th - April 12th, 2019

Twenty First Gallery is pleased to present the first U.S. retrospective exhibition of internationally renowned artist and designer, Hubert Le Gall. The show, curated by Renaud Vuaillat, pays homage to Le Gall’s unique talent for turning classic materials, such as wood, marble and bronze, into playful and surreal works of functional art. The exhibition will explore three distinct universes that have defined Le Gall’s career over the past 25 years: a poetic animal world, a playful fantastic world and an unusual abstract world. FABULA, will commence on Feb. 8 and run through March 29, 2019, officially kicking off the new year for the esteemed gallery.

Twenty First Gallery creates a faithful portrait of the self-taught artist and sculptor as a master of the unconventional, blending luxurious materials, exuberant proportions, and childlike wonder into pieces that speak to the emotions. On display, a range of imaginative furniture, lighting, mirrors and objets d’art, illustrating how the balance between figuration and poetry has become a signature of Le Gall’s work. The exhibit runs in tandem with the U.S. release of Le Gall’s new monograph book entitled Fabula, which explores the friendship and collaboration between the French artist and his most devoted American collector, Pamela Mullin, as captured throughout her beautiful manor home in the Normandy region of France.