November 21st - February 21st

Twenty First Gallery is pleased to present Tapestries, an exclusive exhibition of artist Alexandra Mocanu. The show explores Mocanu’s poetic talent for creating vibrant, abstract tapestries of painterly expressions and exposes the artist as a master of sensation and technique.

Born in Bucharest, Alexandra Mocanu grew up immersed in the world of handcrafted arts, her mother is a textile artist and her father designs furniture. In the midst of the scents, sounds, art tools and materials surrounding her, Mocanu began to explore her own compositions and perceptions, first through photography and then through painting and tapestry. Inspired by the spontaneity of repeated gestures, her abstract paintings are created in gouache at first and then meticulously decomposed upon a loom. Her contemporary work illustrates an instinctive, thoughtful process, which allows the illusion of the passing of time to appear part of her work.

“What I admire in Alexandra’s work,” says Renaud Vuaillat, “is the intricate duality between the spontaneity of the brushstrokes and the patience, technical skills and thoroughness embedded in her tapestries. Tapestry N31 is a standout example of her artistic ability to create breathtaking transparency.”