ZERVUDACHI Manuela Biography

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Manuela Zervudachi was born in London in 1963. Since childhood, the artist has chosen sculpture as her primary medium of expression.  In the 1980's Zervudachi moved to New York to attend the prestigious Parsons School of Design.  In 1988 the artist then relocated to Tuscany, an internationally renowned mecca of sculpture. In this place of profound inspiration, Zervudachi taught for three years, all the while studying alchemical processes of lost wax bronze. Her work reveals a fascination for the relationship between man and his environment and she has worked very successfully over the past two decades, exploring themes relating to nature, and the the symbolic nature of the body, time, seed, and alchemy. 
Since establishing herself in Paris in 1991,  Zervudachi has exhibited regularly in London, Paris, Belgium, and Switzerland. She regularly collaborates with interior designers and collectors to produce unique pieces for interiors worldwide.