DUBREUIL Andre Biography


Renowned for his inventive, innovative furniture and decorative arts, André Dubreuil is a leading contemporary designer, whose background as an antiques dealer and painter informs his smart, whimsical works, made in deliberate contrast to what he describes as the “minimal and boring character” of Modernist design. Dubreuil established himself as a designer in 1986, with the production of his “Spine Chair.” This calligraphic concoction of straight lines and undulating curves, formed into an exaggerated, high-backed chair, riffs off of French 18th-century furniture. Through his extensive world travels, Dubreuil expands his idiom, absorbing the arts and crafts of the places he visits into his various tables, ceramics, lighting fixtures, and decorative objects. Classical East Asian and French antiques are enduring influences, evident in the shape, structure, and materials of his pieces—each one an enticingly playful challenge to standard design practices.

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