DE SAINT LAGER Helene Biography


For the past fifteen years, Hélène has been creating an extensive range of compelling works in her home-studio-laboratory on the outskirts of Paris. They are infused with her distinctive aesthetic, a blend of potency and airiness rooted in use of familiar materials in unexpected ways. A tireless exploration of how substances catch and redirect light that leads to magnetic, uncanny works of art.

Though she may be unaware of it, Hélène’s inclusion resin works bring the art of painting into sculpture and molding. Suspended shapes create three-dimensional pictures where material stuff escapes into the depths. Strewn particles float, sink, and spread in compositions that embrace randomness and celebrate the irresistible pull of the abyss.

Hélène is the first to confess to an uncontainable fascination with levels of depth. “For me, materials and sediment are veritable obsessions. I spread layer after layer of resin and toss lightweight materials on top—dollops, shavings, bits of holographic film. Time stops. I capture and freeze it in a limpid, limpid glaze.”

 Written by Philippe de Croix